Tea Tastings


Taste Bud Alert!

No, tea does not grow in a bag! Gather some friends at your house (4-10 people)  and  open your senses to the world of loose leaf tea. We will taste 4 teas, look, feel and smell the leaves, and talk about some interesting myths, stories and facts about this amazing leaf. You will learn the advantage of  brewing loose leaf tea resulting in a cuppa' for your sipping enjoyment. Your taste buds will thank you!

Please call 702.643.2828 for details.

"What a wonderful experience. I have done a few tastings with Louise - and each time is a new experience. Looking forward to the next one!" Krista C.

Tea Talks


De-stress with some leaf learning!

Talks are designed for more than 10 people. Between the environment, politics, family matters and just plain getting up in the morning, people seem more stressed these days. Providing a leaf learning session after work, for your club or a conference, will help the attendees use tea as a de-stresser. What could be healthier?! And it's definitely more fun!

Please call 702.643.2828 for details.