Lighting Your Path With Tea

Paper Tea Filters


These paper filters are 100% biodegradable and made from sustainably harvested wood pulp. They are perfect for traveling and   convenient for taking your favorite teas to restaurants or friends' homes. New to loose leaf tea? What better way to begin your tea adventures without having to invest in a more expensive infuser. 

A gift idea: Buy a starter pack of 20 filters and a 2 oz. pouch of tea for a hostess gift! And don't you deserve a gift, too?

The Starter Pack #2 hold 1-3 teaspoons of tea. Ideal for small tea pots. This pack contains 20 filters.

The !00 Pack #2 is the same size filters, but you get 100 instead of 20.

The 100 Pack #4 has 100 filters large enough for making ice tea or large quantities of hot tea. They hold 4-6 teaspoons of tea.