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They Really, Really Like Us! (and our tea!)

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Louise did a phenomenal job educating friends and clients for a corporate tea tasting. She was BEYOND knowledgeable on the history of each tea, how tea should look and the etiquette of tea tasting. I was shocked to see the comparison of her quality teas to those we grab off our grocery store shelves. Thanks to Louise, I know how to brew tea and what it should look like. Louise offers a variety of teas at affordable prices. Her tea talk was the perfect midweek pick-me-up! Hannah M. 04.25.19

"I was such a coffee snob, that my baristas knew my exact order! But that has all changed...and I became a tea snob. When I discovered Little Candle Tea I was in heaven!! These were the teas that I had searched for with the convenience of delivery right to my door...My two favorites? Rooibos Chai and Montana Gold...however, I also adore their English Breakfast and Peppermint...oh well...there is very little I don't love of their teas. If you ever get the chance to talk to the owner, Louise, you'll learn more about teas and fall in love with her bubbly personality! I'll never buy tea anywhere else again!  Linda W. North Carolina, 5/2018

"I love my Little Candle Teas! At the first tasting I ever did, I learned so much:  like most people brew their teas wrong...I now like green teas. Thanks, Louise" Krista C.  Las Vegas 4/2018

"Louise is awesome! Her teas are amazing...I have a TON of them at my house!" Chris A. Las Vegas 4/2018

"Your teas are amazing! I am now a 12-month Tea of the Month subscriber. Thank you for the way you made our office meetings so much nicer and relaxing." Rochelle L., Utah 12/2016

The Little Candle Tea Company tea tasting was really fun, informative and delicious. I highly recommend it! Cathy H. Las Vegas

I adore Little Candle Tea Company! They have such a wonderful variety and quality in teas. Also, the tea of the month club is great! Check them out today! Ben & Kendra D. Las Vegas

I love Little Candle Teas! My favorites are the Jasmine Green Tea and Orange Cookie Black Tea. It is easy and hassle free to order. My order is always delivered promptly. One reason I continue to order from Little Candle is that Louise provides me with a “tea education” and gives great suggestions of different teas to try, based on my needs. I always ask for great iced tea suggestions for summer. There are even teas for stress and tummy aches. - Laura Y., Los Angeles
Louise provides a lovely insight into the art of tea; selection, brewing and enjoyment! Her “Chari-teas” line not only benefits you, it supports philanthropy around the world! - Karen R., Las Vegas
Louise Carruth is a wonderful woman, and has been helping my family with our tea tasting and buying for a few years now. She has continued to help us even after we moved to England. She always delivers great services and a wonderful product. I will continue to do all my tea shopping from her. Louise is very knowledgeable about her products and can help you pick beautiful flavors suited to you. She cares for her customers and will go out of her way to deliver her products. - Bridgett P., England
Louise is full of knowledge and suggestions when it comes to tea. I had never attended a tea talk before, but after attending her event, I have fallen in love with the various loose teas she offers. I was afraid of flying and there was a tea to assist with that, who knew??? She is wonderful!!! - Sharon P., Las Vegas
I have learned so much from Louise about the brewing and drinking Tea. She makes it fun and sooo informative. Tea is especially wonderful thanks to Louise! - Robin M., Las Vegas