Lighting Your Path With Tea

Tea Tastings and Tea Talks

We specialize in maximizing the enjoyment of tea drinking through our Tastings and Talks. 

Tea Tastings are designed for 6-10 people and will last approximately 2 hours. We present 4-5 teas at one tasting, which can be either Country of Origin teas (all teas from one country), one tea from each tea group (Black, green, white, fruit infusion, and Oolong) or comparing teas from one group, i.e. all black teas, or all green teas.

Tea Talks are designed for larger groups and are completed in about an hour. Here we tailor the subject of the talk to your groups’ specific needs or requests. We can discuss such subjects as health and tea, what exactly is tea, or cooking with tea. Afterwards, we bring the tea for people to enjoy.

Tastings and Talks can be in your home, office, as a break out session during a conference, with a group such as a book club, as a fundraiser, and more!

For further information, specific pricing, and to book a date, please call our office at (702) 643-2828.

"What a wonderful experience. I have done a few tastings with Louise - and each time is a new experience. Much like wine tasting, there is always something more to learn. Looking forward to the next one!"  Krista C. 4/2018